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Have you secretly been looking to change your life forever?

I say ‘secretly’ because if you even mention the word ‘shortcut’ in most learning situations you are treated like you’re begging for some kind of a handout…and then you’re looked down upon and shunned like the nerdy kid picking his nose in high school.

Seriously…what’s really so BAD about taking a shortcut?

Why should you always take the long way?

What if taking the long way doesn’t make any sense?

I mean…Do you have hours a day to waste?

Don’t you want to start your new life NOW?

I know I do.

Do you want to take WEEKS of bartending classes?

Memorize bartending drinks SLOWLY?

Does this make any sense to you?

It makes no sense to me!

In fact, speaking from years of bartending experience…I say the BIGGEST PROBLEM is that it takes TOO LONG for most people to get through traditional bartending schools.

It takes so long that most people never bother to attempt it.

It sucks…



Audio Previews:

Mind eraser

Purple Haze

Sea Breeze


There IS a shortcut!!

…seriously…this shortcut is HUGE!

Can you spare me a few moments of your time? …and keep an open mind? I will share with you a shortcut that could easily take off…weeks…maybe even months on your quest to become a bartender.

I’ll reveal the shortcut for you…right here in this letter.

But first…

May I introduce myself?

My name is Robert. I grew up in a small town in Connecticut called West Hartford. There wasn’t much to do in that town, but when the weekend rolled around, I would always hit up all the local bars! It was one of my favorite pastimes.

Ten years ago, the country club I worked summers for had an open bartender position... I somehow managed to beg and plead my way into landing the job. Little did I know that doing something I thought was cool and fun would change my life forever.

After finishing my first shift, I realized the potential money that I could be making bartending. I worked for about four-hours and pulled in about $200 in cash! I was dumfounded. All I could think was, “How did I not get into this sooner?”

After the summer ended I went back up to school and I started bartending at a local college bar. I was making great money while having the time of my life. It really is amazing how many people want to be your friend when you start bartending!

Since then, I’ve worked everything from weddings, sporting events, concerts, and even private parties. I have worked in low volume local bars and high intensity nightclubs. My patrons have ranged from cowboys to high class businessmen. I’ve had the freedom to travel extensively, finish college, meet a ton of people, all while having a blast

If You’re Currently Working A Day Job, I Guarantee Your Job Sucks In Comparison To The People Who Make Thousands Of Bucks Schmoozing And Serving People Drinks…

And I mean that in all seriousness…

Even if you have the easiest job on the planet…

I don’t care if you’re working in retail or at a desk job.

Heck, even if you’re just working part time…

All of those jobs offer you much less rewards than making money bartending.

I know that for a fact…

These Are Just A Few Of The Awesome Benefits Of Being A Bartender…


Never think about working 9 to 5 again. You have the freedom to sleep until 2 o’clock if you feel like it. It’s amazing to almost never have to set an alarm clock. Your work shifts are almost never eight hours, they generally top out at six. So you end up making twice the cash in half the time. Tell that to all of your friends slaving away at a desk eight hours a day


You can get a full-time job at a bar or night club and make a ton of money - or hire out your services part-time for banquets, weddings, parties, etc. You are free to work as much as you choose; you have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Meeting People

Behind the bar, you meet huge, diverse groups of people every night. Whether you're looking to make more friends, hook up with girls or guys, or network and make business connections - being a bartender allows you to do this.

You Get Free Stuff

Everyone wants to be cool and know the bartender. Everyone likes to feel special and have a “hookup” wherever they hang out. I can't even begin to tell you how much free stuff people offer me... from designer watches, to NBA tickets, to free drinks at other bars. It's unbelievable!


As a bartender, you can easily travel wherever you want without ever having to worry about landing a job. Want to go backpack Europe for a year? Want to go live in an exotic travel destination? Hawaii? Aruba? Jamaica? Las Vegas? Knowing how to bartend gives you the freedom to work anywhere. The travel possibilities are endless.


Becoming a bartender may not be a lifelong career for you, but the skills you'll develop tending bar will benefit you down the road immensely. The situations you find yourself in while bartending will boost your confidence, problem solving abilities, personality and salesmanship - all skills that will help you for the rest of your life.

What About Bartending School?

Regardless of what every bartending school will try to drill into your head NO CERTIFICATION is needed to become a bartender. Showing a certification to a hiring manager just shows your potential employer that you really don’t know the industry well.

If you don’t believe me go to a couple of bars and ask the bartenders what schools they went to. They will probably laugh at you and say they learned almost everything on the job. Every bartender will tell you the same thing. Bartending is learned by practice.

Bartending School is the right choice for some people. If you have the extra money and need someone to motivate you to practice, attend a bartending school. But make sure to research the school. There are a lot of really…REALLY bad schools out there.


But That's Not Even The Worst Part... 

The worst part is that almost every bartending school is dropping the ball when it comes to their teaching methods.
And they're doing it so badly that it's slowing down their graduation times to a crawl... 

The longer you are in school, the less money you make…
If you're attending a bartending school to learn to bartend, chances are you're paying at least double what you should be.
Scary huh? 
And that's what got me thinking - seeing everybody wasting money while never really standing a chance to get a job made me realize something: 
Almost everyone has the wrong idea about learning to bartend. Think about it...
...bartending courses promote hundreds of hours of study and repetition to memorize drinks. Your life is too busy to drop everything to put in marathon study sessions.

Isn’t it? 
I know mine is. 
You've probably also realized that a lot of the time these schools - especially the fly by night ones - don't quite give you the whole story. 

Sure, they'll give you some hints and a rough framework.  But the honest truth is that your ability to get a high paying bartending job depends on you knowing and making drinks quickly. The bigger the bar, the faster you have to be. On a busy night, you don’t have time to look up a drink in the recipe book.

Most Bartending Schools Are Using The Same Tired Old Techniques That Make Memorizing Drink Recipes Time Consuming…

Is there any wonder there’s such a big time commitment required by these schools?

All of the endless hours spent in the classroom make learning to bartend seem like such a big deal, you’d think that you were trying to go to school to be a doctor or something…

But that’s okay. I’m willing to show you exactly how easy it can be.

In reality, using passive learning techniques, it’s really not hard to learn how to mix drinks. I’m not joking when I say that.

Like anything though, it’s extremely hard if you follow the wrong advice…

I mean, think about it. If you planned a big cross country trip and your roadmaps turned out to be wrong, chances are you wouldn’t reach your destination until you got a new map right?
And that’s why I decided to give you a new map…

What if you could replace outdated flash cards, time wasting classes, and other time wasting methods? What if you could learn your favorite drink recipes as easy as learning your favorite song?

If you want:

 People begging you to work for them.
 To have the skills necessary to generate income anytime, anywhere.
 A lifestyle where you “work” whenever you feel like it and do it on your own terms…

I introduce to you:

The AudioBartender. It allows you to…

Learn the ingredients of over 200 of the most popular drinks. From Martinis to Margaritas you will know them all.
Immediately recall any drink within seconds of hearing its name.
Feel confident behind the bar knowing that you can make any drink order thrown your way.
Eliminate hundreds of hours of traditional study time.


The AudioBartender…
The fastest way to learn drinks guaranteed.

Learn naturally, engage interactively, exude confidence, and best of all — have fun!

Are you ready to begin your own learning adventure?

Start learning with our software... and reinforce what you’ve learned on the go with AudioBartender MP3 Package. With just one click you are on your way to wowing people with your knowledge of drinks.

Audio is the only scientifically proven method for passive learning. The AudioBartender allows you to listen and learn as you drift off to sleep, in your car while driving, or even while at the gym.

The AudioBartender Advanced Learning System Includes

AudioBartender Interactive Software
10 Fully interactive volumes of drinks organized into an easy to use program for both casual and intensive review

Aperitifs and Cordials Rum
Beer Shots
Bourbon-Whiskey Tequila
Brandy Vodka I
Gin Vodka II

AudioBartender Audio
Includes every drink in Mp3 format, perfect for burning to a CD or listening to on your computer

Mobile AudioBartender
An Ipod-friendly version of the course so you can learn on-the-go, wherever you are.

AudioBartender Drink Guide
Our quick reference guide containing an alphabetical listing of every drink in the AudioBartender system.

And as a bonus, I’m including these extras to help you once you’ve landed your dream job…

Behind The Bar Basics
You got the job, now what? Written by experienced bartenders for beginners, this guide will have you looking like a pro in minutes!

Tips For Tips
Tips For Tips
Twenty-One money making tips put together by today's top bartenders. These cash sucking simple tips will skyrocket the amount of money you take home each night!


The AudioBartender is designed for anyone who has any interest whatsoever in bartending. It doesn’t matter if you are a student who is just learning or a seasoned veteran who just needs to brush up. The system offers value to everyone…

 Future Bartenders - If you are pursuing a new career, this system will teach you the basic drinks you need to know to begin bartending. You will be amazed at how confident you will be, knowing how to make every drink order thrown your way.

Bar Owners and Managers - Cut down on training costs. Use the system as a quick way to teach your bartenders to memorize mixed drinks. Current bartenders benefit greatly by being knowledgeable and professional.

Home Entertainers -
If you want to be the life of every party and want to entertain with style, you'll find that learning these drinks is a great place to start! Impress all of your friends today.

In fact, the AudioBartender is suited for anyone in or around the industry. After completing the course a few of your employment options will be:

Banquet Hall Exotic Resort Restaurant
Casino Hotel Sporting Facility
College Bar Lounge Sports Bar
Country Club Nightclub Strip Club
Cruise Ship Pub Anywhere!


But Wait! It Gets Even Better For You!

Here's My Personal

I'm so sure this is exactly what you need

to get the job you want that I'm giving you EIGHT
whole weeks to try it out...

This guarantee gives you total peace of mind... 
You get a full 8 weeks to implement The AudioBartender Learning System before you decide whether you want to keep it.
Try it…decide if you like it.

See what you think about it...can you use it to learn the drinks you want? If don’t find it effective, or don't like it, it’s no big deal. I'll personally refund every dollar with no questions asked.
There is no need to worry.

This isn't one of those guarantees where I make you jump through hoops. You don’t even have to give me a reason as to why you are returning it.

Honestly, I don't care if you ever even glance at the system. 

I'll still give you all of your money back. 

You see, I'm so confident that The AudioBartender will blow your mind that I'm happy to give you an unconditional guarantee like this... 

Think about can download it right now, and not even install the software for 55 days... 
But then on day 56, if you decide you are never going to use the program, shoot me an email and you will get a refund immediately.

I'll smile, hand over your cash, and wish you luck...

You're not going to find a guarantee like that with just any product... 

You’ll be able to access to this amazing system at zero risk!

Download The AudioBartender Today!

So How Much Does This
Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Cost?

I truly want to help you secure and keep a high-paying, exciting job in the business. Knowing drinks by heart is the most essential aspect of your success as a bartender. After you see how quickly and easily you are learning the hottest drink recipes, you will understand exactly why I am so confident you will be satisfied with your bartender training.

The AudioBartender is being offered at the discounted price of $47. This includes all of the bonuses and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied simply request your money back no questions asked.

For only $47 you get access to the most up to date, state of the art way of becoming a bartender virtually overnight.

That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

You are also backed by my personal 8 week Guarantee.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out. Rather, you have absolutely everything to gain!

Decide, right now, to get everything in The AudioBartender Advanced Learning System to attain the income and lifestyle you deserve.

Don't hesitate. Get started today and make the money you desire right away! This is a positive decision you will be very glad you made. I guarantee it.

To your success,


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Remember, with my 8 week Guarantee, you have nothing to lose... rather... you have an incredible financial and personal freedom to gain!

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